Sunday, November 30, 2008


Author: Shashank Shekhar

After the Mumbai mayhem every one living in metropolitan and other big cities of India must be thinking that no place is safe but what if I shock you by saying that the place where you were brought up Renukoot or Sonebhadra is also sitting on a time bomb. Yes this is no joke but this is my analysis that soon we may see a major attack in our district.

Few days back two persons were arrested with 32 tonnes of ammonium nitrate and detonators from Sonebhadra district.

Amresh and Ravinder Pandey were arrested on a tip-off when they were unloading a truck having 32 tonnes of ammonium nitrate and 20 electric detonators.

Both of them could not produce valid papers for carrying the explosive material, they said adding that interrogation was going on in the case.

An FIR has been lodged in this connection at Obra police station under provisions of the Explosives Act.

So does this makes any difference in your life or affect you life. This should be a concern for you 32 tonnes of ammonium nitrate and detonators are enough to blow our city. They can be a part of naxalite group even but illegal trade of these explosive shows how vulnerable our city is. . .


Author: Shashank Shekhar
This is a sad day (November 29th) not because India is once again targeted by terrorist and they have been successful in doing that but my and your city RENUKOOT is once again hit by “RASH BIKERS” result of which barely 9-year-old lost his life leaving his beloved parents behind.

Student of class IV Gaurav Dubey never though coming home would be that difficult for him as he lost his life due to negligence of “RASH Motorcyclist” of Renukoot. On Saturday afternoon he was coming home with a bag on his shoulder and bottle in one of his hand when a speeding motorcyclist rammed him and fled the spot. Before Gavrav could recover the bus of DC Lewis School crushed him. The driver of the bus tried to apply brakes but it was too late and body of Gaurav came under the wheels of the bus. No one saw who the bikers were so no one is now accountable for the death of innocent child.

The accident took place at a very familiar place to every one of us it is a blind turn from two ways near the slope of Montessori School just after the TV control room. One way go to new colony and the other goes up to Junior colony.

Writing about Gaurav is not enough because I have never met him neither you but where is the end to this mess. We are the culprits, as we are keeping silent. I remember the time when we use to see rash bikers on the street of Renukoot the most obvious reaction was “ bacchon ke haath mein bike de diye hai abh who hero baan rahe hai.” But we know where the problem lies every one of us have to sand against this… this time it was Gaurav next time it could be you.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Renukoot is a town and a nagar panchayat in Sonbhadra district in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Renukoot is located at 24°12′N 83°02′E 24.2, 83.03. It has an average elevation of 283 metres (931 feet). Renukoot lies in the southmost part of Uttar Pradesh and sits next to Shakti Nagar, Anpara and some other towns in nearby Madhya Pradesh.

Rihand Dam, which is built over Govind Ballabh Pant Sagar Lake and the Rihand River (a tributary of the Son River) is 1.5 kilometers from Renukoot and is also a trekking route for school trips from local schools. The importance of the dam can be gauged from the fact that its picture was on the last version of the Rs. 100 note of the Indian Government.


The famous Parad Shiviling is located here. Renukoot used to be in Mirzapur district, which was later, split up into Sonebhadra and Mirzapur. Renukoot falls into the Sonebhadra district now. The area of Vindhyachal near the north-western part of the area are also famous for many religious hills and historic caves and temples. The famous Chunar Fort, dating 50 BC, is on the way to Varanasi from Renukoot, less than 3 hours away.


Renukoot has the largest fully integrated aluminium plant in Asia. Renukoot lies in one of the most important industrial belts of India, which consists of the cement, aluminium, and chemical industries, as well as hydropower and thermal power projects. To name a few there exists Hindalco, India's largest aluminium company, and in the same belt about 40 km away is India's largest NTPC plant. Another major factory within the suburbs of the Renukoot city include Kanoria Chemicals.

Most of the economy of Renukoot revolves around Hindalco. More than 60% of the people live in Hindalco colony and almost all the businesses depends on these people.


Renukoot and surrounding areas have three major english medium high schools, and they all follow the CBSE board. They are Nirmala Convent High School, Aditya Birla Public School earlier known as Hindalco Vidya Niketan (10+2), and Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan's K.D.K. Vidya Mandir. Renukoot also has two schools where the medium of education is hindi, and they follow the Uttar Pradesh board standards Aditya Birla Intermediate College . Renukoot does not have any universities beyond 10+2, but there are many big universities with 4 to 5 hours distance, including Banaras Hindu University and Allahabad University.

Information courtesy: Wikipedia.